Hospitality Security

SGS specializes in Hospitality Security understanding the customer service that is needed at let the hotel guests feel at home & knowing the seriousness of the guests & staff security at present. We do know what is required when it comes to Hospitality Security and SGS provides dedicated whilst experience staff for this field differently.

Security Guard Staffing

Our modern, fully equipped, well trained and highly professional guards are our asset. They are always ready to protect you no matter what risk they put on their own lives. Their only mission is to save you.

Event Security

SGS offers a great deal of events security where you can enjoy your meetings, training sessions, product launching ceremonies and any business or corporate events in a tension free environment.

Executive Protection

Securing celebrity or VIP officials is a hallmark of SGS. We provide security literate and professional staff to provide a flawless and infallible protection to executives.

Workplace Protection & RIF Security

Our state of the art, modern and latest technological devices give you a retinal accuracy that allows reduction in force by 50 %. There is no need for extra resources when our security equipment in place.

Warehouse Protection

Our reliable and trustworthy ware house protection service is available to secure and protect your backyard repository or depot that is actually the backbone of your trading or business store.

Strike Security

Our professional security personnel are specifically trained to handle special response scenarios with an understandings of legalities of a labor strike or plant closure. Our strike security officers tend to ensure that all assets and personnel are protected so both union officials and management negotiators can resume positive relations once the labor strike has been resolved.